Like many of our clients Oxford Technology Group is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We value this relationship with the BBB and take advantage of the many services available thru our membership. The BBB organize numerous business events that assist us in network with prospective clients as well the BBB online portal is a great research and referral tool.

OTG is a Microsoft partner. We spend the majority of our time configuring and supporting Microsoft operating systems and productivity suites.

OTG is a lenovo reseller. At OTG we are largely non-vendor bias but when asked we will often refer lenovo to our clients. The lenovo brand has been a cost effective, reliable platform for us.

We have been using Wyse for years and the recent Dell acquisition of Wyse has made the product stronger. A lot of our clients are moving away from large traditional workstations and are migrating to the Wyse thin client. The Wyse thin client is a sixth the foot print and a fraction the cost of traditional workstations.

At OTG we rely heavily on Sonicwall to provide secure remote access for our clients. Sonicwall supports hundreds of OTG clients.

Server virtualization is big at OTG it is enabling our clients to retire old servers and migrate their applications to the cloud.

While OTG provide support for all major hardware platforms. When given the choice on servers we use HP. HP quality is the result of HP’s commitment to research and development. Not just a parts box!

In comparison to other products we have found Barracuda to be the best price point and feature set for our SMB clients.

Juniper has been part of the OTG data centers for years. They have proven to be a solid choice for us and have a good price point for the SMB.

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