Leverage the power of the web with OTG’s Remote Office Services! Work anywhere, anytime. Maintenance Free. Guaranteed.

What is Remote Office Services?

All you need is an internet connection and you can access your entire operation regardless of when, how or where you work. Remote Office Services is an alternative to traditional computer networks. Oxford Technology Group is an Application Service Provider. We provide you with remote internet access to applications and data that would otherwise have to be located on your own computer network.

How will it help your company?

We can help improve your systems support and stability while helping to eliminate the costs, responsibilities and headaches associated with buying, setting up and managing your own computer network.

Your Remote Office includes:

A fully secure, maintained, highly available corporate class information system.

Access to your remote office and data from anywhere in the world.

Centralized data storage.

Access to Microsoft Office, and other optional software products.

Remote Office is available in two options:

OTG Remote Office

The first option, is our premium service package that includes hosted Windows Desktops for some or all of your staff. Email, Data Storage and OTG Help Desk. Major differences here are; Remote Office is run on OTG owned assets housed in our redundant data centers. This allows OTG to affect change quickly for our clients. OTG also hosts applications specific to our clients businesses. It is important to note that our data centers are located in Canada for client’s that must adhere to Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

OTG Remote Office-Hybrid

The second option is a Hybrid. Similar to the full OTG RO, where the majority of the systems are run on OTG owned assets, we can customize software to meet your needs. We leverage Microsoft Office 365 for hosted Exchange services (Email) and Office licensing rather than the OTG Hosted mail. There are some pricing advantages to this; however, OTG is limited to Microsoft’s global support services and Email data is stored at unknown locations. This is not well suited for clients that must adhere to PIPEDA.

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